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// Web services for your company

Web development plans

We work with clients who operate in very different markets, with unique needs and budgets at all levels.  We have designed web services for the self-employed and SMEs, adapted to all types of needs and budgets, with only one objective in mind: to add value to your business and improve your experience with technology. The digitalization of your company means new opportunities and horizons and we want to accompany you on this new path. 

And the most important thing of all is that beyond technology, we build trust-based relationships.

Our web services for freelancers and SMEs aim to improve your company’s image on the Internet and reach new customers, thanks to modern technologies that make it possible to interact with people from anywhere in the world.

We are a team of computer and telecommunications engineers, with experience in the maintenance, implementation, and administration of digital services in SMEs, and large corporations. The main objective of Edict Technologies is to help small and medium companies to expand their horizons towards the digital world, where the possibilities are unlimited.

Your business on the Internet

Being on the Internet means being one click away from your customers and partners. With a modern homepage, you maximize the potential of your business

Internet sales

Selling on the Internet means selling all over the country and even all over the world. We take care of everything, you just manage your sales.

Economic solutions

In these times we are all looking for efficient solutions adapted to lower budgets - we already have them!

// Our prices

Only the best for your business

Presentation website

₤699 499
  • Fully functional website           
  • Management panel                   
  • SSL Certs (HTTPS)                    
  • Registration in search engines

Online store

₤999 799
  • Fully functional webstore                       
  • Management panel                                 
  • Multiple payment systems integration
  • SSL Certs (HTTPS)                                
  • Corporative Mail                                    
  • Registration in search engines           

Custom site

₤1199 999
  • Personalized Design                 
  • Special functions                       
  • CRM/ERP integration                
  • API/Webservice Development
  • Web Apps                                   
  • Intranet                                      

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